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A.I. Kiosks in Courts

We offer a range of AI-powered solutions that can significantly benefit courthouses.

See how we can benefit your courthouse!

Courthouses we partner with! 

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Eliminate staffing issues and minimize wait time by having our A.I. Kiosks Handle Customer Inquiries 

Our AI kiosks serve as an extension of your workforce, handling repetitive tasks and increasing your team's collective efficiency. These kiosks are equipped with multilingual avatars that can be customized to handle thousands of tasks, and they get smarter the more they interact with your customers.

Our AI kiosks are always friendly and work 24/7, eliminating the staffing and customer service headaches of the past. Our software is completely integrated and customizable, working across computers, tablets, mobile devices, robots, and kiosks, and can be tailored to meet your unique needs and incorporate your branding. They also have the ability to integrate with your already existing systems such as odyssey.  

Our team has extensive experience working with multiple courts, government facilities, and businesses, and we understand your goals and needs. We are committed to exceeding your needs and look forward to transforming your courthouse operations with our self-service AI solutions.

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