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Meet Pivot

The Friendly Interactive Kiosk Robot!

A self-service kiosk without a human face is boring! That’s why millions of people walk by them daily, not even noticing them. Don’t waste your time and budget on technology that people already automatically tune out.   


Our unique avatar faces add a personal touch to the kiosk experience. If you’re looking to make a positive pivot forward in serving your customers, then it’s time to meet Pivot, our friendly talking interactive robot kiosk.  

Contact us now for a free demo and learn how we can customize Pivot for your use.

Be one of the first to tap into the power of friendly interactive robot kiosks! ARS is America’s #1 source and expert in this new field. Improve your customers' experience, increase your ROI, understand your customer better, provide superior service - start using Pivot interactive kiosk robots today.

Connect With Customers

Make Ordering Easier

Have your customers be greeted by an emotive face for a personal touch to ordering at a kiosk. 

With facial recognition our robots can remember customers' favorite orders to speed up the ordering process.

Understand Your Customer

Tailor The Experience

Collect valuable insights on your customers through interactive kiosks. 

  • Age
  • Favorite items
  • Average order
  • Ordering patterns
  • Repeat customers
  • Customer mood

Based on facial recognition the robot can offer specials, add ons, discounts and more to increase order size and to bring back customers. 

Interact with talk and touch


Our company develops domain specific questions and answers so that the robot can help visitors find their way without having to search for it on the robots screen.

With the ability to program in 25+ different languages, it is perfect for a location where visitors come that may not speak English. 

Touch Screen

The touch screen can display maps, FAQ, products, services, and much, much more!

How Can Interactive Kiosk Robots Help You?


Our self-service kiosks increase customer satisfaction and sales. It has been proven that customers spend more when they order through a kiosk than at the counter. 

Stay focused on your product and services while the self-service kiosk closes the sale for you. 


Interactive kiosk robots help visitors find their way in buildings. They can answer frequently asked questions, give directions, display ads, alert employees of visitors and more.


Interactive kiosk robots can:

  • Decrease interruptions of workers 

  • Increase the amount of meetings that start on time 

  • Increase visitor satisfaction

What Studies Have to Say on Interactive Kiosks


of customers who didn't initially order a drink would buy one when it was offered by an interactive kiosk. Upselling is part of the kiosks' job!


increase in consumer spending when ordering through self-service kiosks.


of retail decision makers and 74% of store associates said that shoppers can have a better experience when sales associates are equipped with technology solutions. 


increase in orders. An Illinois restaurant discovered that orders at the kiosk had much higher check sizes than counter orders. Average check size through kiosk $17.17, average check size through counter $9.79.

Already have a kiosk?

Let ARS take the hard work out of building customized software for your kiosks. We tailor each application to meet your needs, and work with you throughout the process to develop an interactive kiosk that exceeds expectations. 

Contact for us for a free demo and to learn more about getting interactive kiosk robots!