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Determining how AI-powered kiosks can help visitors and staff

Last month’s blog focused on how departments can use kiosks to overcome many of the challenges associated with the labor shortage. But what tasks can interactive kiosks most often take on to help support departments?

The answer varies from one department to another, but our team of professionals see a level of consistency across our customer base. Here are a few common categories:

1) Building directions (wayfinding)

When visitors come to your organization or department, they often look for where to go, whether it’s a particular courtroom or city office, or for specific products that you might be selling. Known as wayfinding, AI-powered kiosks do a great job of providing this information in an easily digestible way.

2) Key department contacts

Other visitors may have questions specific to departments or experts on your team. Getting information not only on where these offices are, but their contact information can be useful. Providing an email allows you to streamline communications without requiring immediate feedback.

3) Common FAQs

If kiosks are an option, your department should create a list of frequently asked questions that are often asked of your team members. Many, if not most of these, can often be answered through your AI-powered kiosk. Examples include hours of operation, access to and location of helpful forms, resource allocation information and more. Map out a list of these FAQs and work with your ARS contact to set these up with your kiosk.

4) Employment applications

Some visitors are likely to be looking for information on applying for open positions. While this information is shared on your website, providing this information with your interactive kiosk can help as well. It might not be productive to allow guests to fill out an application on the kiosk since other visitors may need to use it, but linking to resources or providing directions on where to drop off hard copy applications is advisable.

The key thing to remember is just about anything you want your kiosk to communicate with visitors about can be programmed by our team of professionals. Best of all, the more our AI-powered kiosks interact with your stakeholders, the “smarter” it gets. That allows this tool to expand on answers to frequently asked questions over time.

Ready to check out our AI-powered kiosks for yourself? You can request a demo to learn more about your options with interactive kiosks from Advanced Robot Solutions.


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