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Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers knowledgeable about robots, technology, and innovation

How to Integrate AI and Robotics into Your Organization

Keynote or Workshop Speaker

Country: US

Language: English

Paul McManus is the founder and owner of Advanced Robot Solutions. He is an expert on how to integrate the correct robot solution for your need. With experience putting robots in airports, hospitals, admin buildings, and trade shows, Paul knows the challenges of robotics and how to beat them.


Keynote or Workshop

Be the first to dive into AI and robotics. A fascinating speech with robotic assistants keeps the attendees enthusiastic and involved. An interactive discussion about the integration of technology in your company, where your employees can ask questions in real time about the latest robot developments and the impact on the people and organization.

An Awesome Future with Technology 

Keynote speaker for event

Countries: Belgium and the Netherlands

Languages: English and Dutch

Randall van Poelvoorde is an expert on Robots and Exponential Technology. His keynote speech describing a truly awesome future triggers people to reassess the image they have had about robots and a variety of other technologies. Randall is well-known as the ‘Exponential Technology’ expert (Robotics, Artificial Intelligence) for BNR Nieuwsradio. He’s also a guest lecturer on these subjects at Nyenrode Business University.


Keynotes about

  • Robots & innovation

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


  • Care (Life extension technologies)

  • Transportation (autonomous vehicles and new means of transport)

  • Energy (transition to green abundant energy)

Robots in Care Settings, Just for Convenience or a Necessity?

Speaker about Robots in Healthcare

Countries: Belgium and the Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Tom Ederveen founded the website in 2009. This is a consumer website about robots in our daily life. He was one of the first to enter this new world of robotics. In 2015, he started beause of his interest in the development of healthcare, technical options and the social impact.


Robots in Care

Tom Ederveen is an expert in the use of robots in healthcare and our daily lives. Since 2014, he has given keynotes and workshops to healthcare providers, municipalities and government institutions. He knows how to engage and inspire the audience, in an interactive way. 

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