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Robots - A Fun and Unique Trade Show Idea

1. Increase your ROI

Our Trade Show Robot can integrate the show's API kit to scan badges to collect attendee's information for you to follow up with later. 

If you don't want to connect with the API kit you can have attendees at the trade show type in their email address after a short survey to reach out to qualified leads.


2. Attract Attendees

Attract trade show attendees by having a robot invite passersby to take a picture, spin a wheel to win a prize and play a game. While attendees wait in line to use the robot's touch screen, employees can talk with them about their products and services.


3. Customize with Your Information

Display your branding, images, pictures, videos and more on the 32" touch screen display for trade show attendees to interact with. It is the perfect blend of information and entertainment customized to your needs and guaranteed to get your branding in front of people and make an impact.  



Benefits of Renting a Robot for Trade Shows:

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