Integrating Robotics into Kiosks

We took our knowledge and passion from developing robotic software and turned it into a completely touchless kiosk experience. 
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Wave Activation

Say goodbye to tapping through kiosks to find what you're looking for. Our kiosk technology allows users to approach the kiosk and wave to activate the listening aspect of the kiosk. 

Our wave enables verbal communication with the kiosk so visitors can find what they are looking for while decreasing contact with the kiosk and others. 

Economically Viable

Utilize our customizable dashboard to connect with visitors from your desk. Allowing one working to control and monitor multiple kiosks. 

Equal Access to Information
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In conjunction with our dashboard, we have worked to incorporate the ability for the kiosk monitor to connect the user directly to an interpreter. This ensures equal access to all content available. 

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