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Trade show &

Event Rentals

Robot Rental

Get Attention

The robot moves around the booth, dances, speaks, and more. Always creates a buzz!

Robot Rental

Acquire Leads

The robots act as a sales tool, showing your presentations and media. They even scan badges.

Robot Rental

Have Fun

Play games, give out prizes, and take photos through the robot, all while collecting the attendee's information.

Rent a Robot in 2024!

Looking to promote a new product, display a new application or just stand out at your next event? Rent a robot that is completely customized for your company! Tracey, the Furo-D robot, is a hit wherever she goes. You tell us what you want us the robot to do and we do the rest. With a blend of entertainment and information on its 32" touchscreen, a robot is your best sales tool at any trade show or event.

The Robot Rental
can Include

  • Customized Programming

    • Entertainment Features​

      • The robot takes a group picture​

      • Put your face on the robot

      • Robot dances

      • Give away prizes

    • Your Media

      • Slide shows​

      • Photos

      • Videos

      • Applications/websites

  • An ARS Employee to Assist

  • Shipping & Set-up

  • Badge Scanning

  • And More!

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What our Customers are Saying

We got Tracey last minute for our convention and it was a great hit. She demoed our product and people were coming in and out. It was the best thing we could do and it helped with the ROI. Best investment we did.


Tracey was great. She attracts a lot of people. People loved taking pictures with her. She is a good attraction because she brought people over to the reason we were actually here.


Tracey was the biggest hit. She brought us so much attention and so many people came to check her out. We couldn’t imagine anything better. She was great.

Integrated Control

Robot rentals improve your ROI & bring fun to your event!

Renting a robot for trade shows and events is the perfect way to enhance your booth experience while bringing business to your company.

The robots create lines at your booth which gives you the opportunity to network. They collect important attendee data by scanning their badges or having them input their email addresses.

The robot is also completely branded to match your company so every picture taken of the robot is another way for you to grow your brand.

Renting a robot is an easy process. Just fill out our contact form to get started!

Where We've Been

The Robot is Life-Size

The Furo-D robot is 5'3" with a 32" touchscreen. The robot moves around via joystick and can be programmed to speak and interact with attendees.

Completely Branded

We put your logo on the touchscreen and on the base of the robot so your company's branding stands out. 

Totally Customized

Each robot rental is unique. We can change the color accents on the robot, the voice, the language, the content on the screen and even create your own custom robot face.

Easy Process to Rent

We make renting a robot simple for you. All you do is tell us what you want the robot to do and we create the custom experience. Want to design the screens yourself? You can do that, too.

We even deliver the robot and attend the show to make the process even smoother. 

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