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A.I. Self-Service Kiosks

Our kiosks use our proprietary A.I. avatar conversational platform, ARS Connect, to communicate with users. The A.I. avatar recognizes when a person approaches the kiosk and engages the user much like a human. Through voice and text, the A.I. avatars provide award-winning customer service, solving staffing problems and saving you money!

We train the ARS Connect A.I. avatars to be experts in the domains that they are placed. They deliver a friendly and intuitive communication experience with multilingual, text-touch, and speaking capabilities. ARS Connect can be deployed on a wide variety of kiosks, digital signage, web and mobile. We’ll build you a complete A.I. avatar workforce trained and dedicated to serving your clients.


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How do the Kiosks Work?

Our kiosks are equipped with cutting-edge A.I. technology, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks autonomously. They support multiple languages and feature touchless operations, harnessing the ability to be used solely through speech, catering to the diverse needs of customers. Additionally, our A.I. avatars are fully customizable, providing personalized interactions that enhance user engagement and operational efficiency.

Connect in Action

Please check out this demo video to see a Court use case. We train the avatars to be experts in their domain, including Property Management, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, or Fast Food. We’ll customize the A.I. human-like customer service avatars to your specific use case.

Hardware Options

We’ll come up with the best hardware kiosk / digital signage options that best meet your needs. We have a wide variety of hardware solutions to choose from. If you are a kiosk manufacturer or have a preferred vendor, we’ll work with your team and put our ARS Connect A.I. avatar customer service platform on your kiosks/devices.


Our kiosk desktop solutions seamlessly integrate into existing surfaces, optimizing space utilization while delivering high performance. Experience innovation and functionality at its finest with our range of custom hardware options.


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Solve Staffing Issues

Explore our telepresence feature, which enables remote employees to assist live customers directly from their homes!

Learn how our A.I. kiosks address staffing issues by offering 24/7 availability, never needing sick days, and efficiently managing numerous routine tasks. Enjoy the benefits of a constantly available system that operates smoothly without human oversight.

From processing transactions and responding to queries to handling administrative duties, our A.I. kiosks ensure unmatched reliability and efficiency. This empowers your business to operate smoothly and effectively, allowing you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

Experience the inclusive power of our A.I. kiosks, offering multilingual support in over 20 languages, seamlessly integrated into both speech and text interactions. Break language barriers effortlessly as our kiosks cater to diverse clientele, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and understood.
Whether it's providing information, processing transactions, or assisting with inquiries, our multilingual A.I. kiosks deliver a personalized and accessible experience for all users, fostering inclusivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Unlock the versatility of our A.I. kiosks, adaptable to any industry setting, including healthcare, government, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. Seamlessly integrate our kiosks into your operations, whether it's streamlining patient check-ins, providing self-service options for government services, enhancing guest experiences in hospitality, optimizing retail workflows, or facilitating efficient ordering in restaurants.
With customizable features and functionalities, our A.I. kiosks are tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of various industries, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency, improve service delivery, and elevate customer experiences across the board.

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