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The customizable A.I. Kiosk Platform for courts, government, and business

Human-to-Computer-Interaction (HCI)

When it comes to communication, for over 10,000 years, we, as humans, have wanted eye contact, body language, and non-verbal signals like smiles and head tilt. When we communicate, these small cues are built into our DNA. This is what ARS Connect’s A.I. avatar kiosk platform delivers! A real-time connection between the Court/Institution and the constituents you serve. Simple touch-screen kiosks are a thing of the past; the future is here; engaging kiosks that talk are friendly, helpful, and now, in response to COVID-19, are touch and TOUCHLESS!

Save Money and Serve Better

Our kiosks solve one of the biggest problems municipalities and businesses have, staffing. They either can’t find or afford this type of help; when they do, 30% to 50% quit. ARS Connect kiosks never call in sick, are always friendly, save your organization money, and provide fantastic service. Not only that, but the data they collect can help you deliver better service and experiences for those you serve. 


Remote connect with kiosk with telepresence

Utilize our customizable dashboard and video conference platform to connect with visitors from your desk.

Allowing one worker to control and monitor multiple kiosks.

Improve intelligence with real-time analytics and feedback

All kiosk user sessions are recorded in the dashboard.

Captures what the user “asked” avatar and answer given. Captures what the user “touched” on the screen. Capture user session length at the kiosk, how they navigated within the kiosk, etc.

Avatars and kiosks get smarter with use. For any questions that the avatar/kiosk does not know the answer to, the AI flags and rates the question to alert the admin to enter the correct answer into the kiosk’s knowledge base.

What one avatar learns and know, all avatar/kiosks will instantly know via the ARS Connect platform.

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Choose from a variety of kiosk models

A.I. Kiosk platform is not limited to these kiosks; we also provide custom hardware solutions.


Equal Access to Justice


The avatar kiosks can communicate in English and Spanish, via avatar voice and text on the screen.

Up to 20+ languages can be added, e.g., Chinese, French, etc.

In conjunction with our dashboard, we have worked to incorporate the ability for the kiosk monitor to connect the user directly to an interpreter. This ensures equal access to all content available. 

Seeing is believing

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