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Chances are your industry can benefit from an AI-powered kiosk (like these 5 industries)

When we talk about self-service kiosks, we’re referring to interactive touch-screen devices that businesses can install at fixed points on-site to help their customers with diverse requirements.


The good news is that these high-tech devices can be utilized by nearly every major industrial sector to streamline their customer service.


Here just a few:


1)    Financial Services and Insurance - self-service kiosks play a major role in financial services organizations. For example, banks can install digital self-serve kiosks to help customers skip lines and efficiently complete account transactions, withdraw or deposit money, fill out loan applications, open new accounts, and more.  


Some banks and insurance companies allow their customers to check balances, change PINs, or conduct online banking securely and privately without having to interact with employees as well. This saves both time and money.


2)    Healthcare - some hospitals, medical centers, urgent cares and large healthcare facilities allow their customers to obtain information, book appointments, gather test results, make online payments, and more using self-service kiosks. Two of the goals are to decrease patient wait times and increase staff efficiency.


Hospitals can also implement their digital kiosks in the form of internet kiosks or smart medicine dispensers, which helps patients obtain instant assistance independently.


3)    Travel & Hospitality - digital kiosks can be found in hotel lobbies, fast-food chains, restaurants, hotels, airports, movie theaters and more, but the technology is improving, and the costs are moderating to a point where they are becoming more affordable for most organizations in this field, regardless of their size. The goal is to help customers get the help they need, when they need it.


Think of the ability to make table reservations at restaurants, book hotel rooms, make self-check-ins and checkouts, select the preferred seats at the movie theatre, and booking a flight and obtain instant tickets as examples.


4)    Retail - gone are the days when customers had to interact face-to-face with retail executives or store workers to help them find the products of their choice. Retail stores, shopping malls and consumer stores have interactive kiosks that help customers on various levels.


From finding the way in a big shopping center, to pre-booking products that are soon to enter the market, using photobooths to click pictures with friends and family, and processing discount coupons, the retail sector offers self-help kiosks for enhanced in-store customer experience.


5)    Public Sector – from courts to municipalities to counties, a self-service kiosk can direct visitors to where they need to go in a building or provide them with direct access to information they are seeking. These kiosks can be placed at one or more main entrance points, helping to streamline operations, preserve staff resources and increase visitor satisfaction.


To learn more about smart kiosks from Advanced Robot Solutions, visit us online or call 203-733-4314.


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