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Robots - A Unique Trade Show Idea

With all the add-ons you could possibly have at a trade show, finding fun and innovative ways to attract attendees can sometimes feel daunting. Once you find an add-on that’s appealing, how do you make sure that it yields a high ROI? You need something that will make attendees stop and interact with it, that also collects lead information. We have found that Tracey the Trade Show robot is the perfect addition to any booth, bringing a great mix of information and entertainment which is ideal for attracting attendees and turning attendees into leads. 

Benefits of Renting a Robot for Trade Shows:

1. Increase your ROI

Tracey the Trade Show Robot can integrate with the show’s API kit to scan badges to collect attendee’s information for you to follow up with later. The robot can scan their badge and say their name, welcoming attendees to your booth. If you don’t want to scan badges, then you can have attendees enter their email after a short survey, which can verify the leads you want to follow up with, or enter their email to send a photo of themselves they took on the robot. 

2. Attract Attendees

Attract attendees by having a robot invite passersby to take a picture with it, or asking them to spin a wheel to win a prize. With fun apps on the robot's 32” touchscreen display, you can have attendees win giveaways with prize wheels and slot machines. This draws a crowd that allows employees to interact with customers while they wait.

Don’t want to use giveaways? Go for a digital takeaway! The robot can take a picture of the attendee with a customized photo frame that they can email to themselves. You can put in information to the body of the email telling them what follow up steps you would like them to do, post to social media, go to your website and more. 

3. Display Your Information

Put your pictures, videos, slideshows and more on the robot’s screen. Use it as a selling tool as well as a fun way to interact with clients. If you are launching a new app or website, there is no better way to display it than running it on the robot.

4. Completely Customizable

ARS builds out customized applications for every company. This means your branding and images are on the screen so that when someone takes a picture of the robot and posts it, your branding will be displayed.

Have an idea of something you want the robot to do but aren’t sure if it is possible? The ARS team works with you to develop applications to meet your needs.


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