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Want to start selling in America?

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ARS provides the following consulting services:

ARS will conduct thorough market research and present our findings in a report. The Marketing Plan created for each client will outline the recommended steps for increasing brand awareness and lead generation here in the US.


Business Plan:

ARS will provide you with a business plan that outlines your business and where we see it going in the future.

Product Development: 

ARS will dive into your product or service to discover how to tailor your solution to the US market. With in-person interviews, surveys and more, ARS will connect with your target market and provide you with feedback on possible improvements, so you can build a solid business here in America.




ARS provides the following implementation services:

Following the marketing research consultation, ARS will help you to create a robust online presence by building your online marketing channels. ARS can develop your US website, social media, LinkedIn and more. Let ARS manage Google PPC and LinkedIn advertising to target the customers you most want to reach. 


Software Development:

Let ARS help to develop AI software that meets the needs of your target demographic in the US.


ARS will research the best trade shows to attend to get your solution in front of the right decision makers for your product or service. Once ARS finds the right shows for you, we will help you to design your booth and let ARS interact with potential clients and be the face of your company at trade shows. We will learn your product and offerings so as to be the best on site ambassadors for your company in the US. 

Hurry.  We’re currently interviewing and accepting only two new clients between now and April 2020.

If you’re an international robotics, AI or self-service kiosk company, the cheapest and fastest way to get started selling in America is to hire us; no long-term contract required. 


How good are we?  


Some examples:  1) We’re the first to get Service robots into US Airports and Hospitals, 2) We got one of our robots into Amazon’s CES booth last year, garnering tons of sales interest and Press, 3) We’re America’s leader in robot rentals for events, with clients including Shell, Canon, and Valeo; and 4) We’re working on AI and Self-Service kiosks with the entire state of New Mexico. 


US companies reach out to us daily for robotic, AI and self-service kiosk solutions.  


To recruit a US team of 3 to 5 employees, or send your own employees to the US, and open an US office, will cost you $500,000 or more.  There’s no guarantee you’ll hire the right staff, and that they’ll stay.  For 99% savings, our USA Launch Package is just $5,000! 


Be smart.  Enter the huge US market and set up a US office today. You can post your new US office information on your website and use this info on your marketing material; doing this will demonstrate that your company is global.  We have a wide variety of services that we can provide for you: high level networking, marketing, sales, research, logistics, tech support, software, development, raising of funds, etc.

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Proven Track Record

Paul McManus, the CEO of ARS, has generated millions in technology sales for international companies here in the US.


In the Field

ARS goes into the field to get feedback from your prospects and clients that will improve your solution and your customer's experience with your robot, AI or kiosk.



Our team is comprised of software engineers, sales, marketers, and business development agents, we look at your product from every angle. This allows us to plan and implement changes that are needed for success.


Follow Through

Once ARS completes the initial US market consultation, let us help to implement our recommendations to help your business succeed. We give you the tools for success and help you build your business to get there step-by-step successfully.

Why ARS?

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Please complete the form below and we’ll email you the "How to SELL in the USA" information packet. Information is exclusively for International Robotic, AI and Self-Service Kiosk companies.

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