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SANDI Chatbot featured in National Center for State Courts newsletter

ARS’ SANDI chatbot installation in Florida was featured in a guide developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Access to Justice Team that outlined uses and benefits of a website AI chatbot. The guide provided readers with insights on why chatbots can be an effective tool for courts to improve access to services and efficiency in court operations.

It featured SANDI’s installation at the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida in Miami along with other options.  Among the NCSC’s recommendations were to work with a vendor that addresses such responsibilities with the chatbot as:

  • Maintenance

  • Updates

  • Security

  • Data ownership

  • Troubleshooting

At ARS we do all that – and more.

Read more about the National Center for State Courts’ details of why chatbots can support added efficiency and productivity for court employees and departments.


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