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The Benefits of a "Chatty" AI Web Chatbot for Court and Government Websites

The important task of supporting your constituents by answering questions and providing feedback on your services takes time and resources. Even offering an ability for visitors and local residents to ask questions via email or a website form comes with the responsibility of crafting a response.

These reasons and more are why an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot is increasingly a solution that more courts and local governmental entities are relying on. Modern AI chatbots can leverage the latest AI technology to provide your constituents with a personalized, interactive experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Best of all, your chatbot can be personalized to fit your needs. From a topical standpoint, common questions answered by a web chatbot range from wayfinding and hours of operation to services, licensing data and other knowledge commonly sought by members of the public.

So, why all the interest in AI web chatbots?

They’re different than spreadsheet chatbots

The vast majority of web chatbots are ‘spreadsheet’ bots. Ask this, get that. That’s it. Interacting with a spreadsheet bot is very frustrating. An AI chatbot communicates via ‘intent’ and ‘context’, like talking with a human; easy.

They provide human-like conversations

This is true with the solution offered by Advanced Robot Solutions. A web chatbot can mimic a real conversation between two humans so that information sought can be quickly shared. The web chatbot is built with natural language processing capabilities, allowing it to respond in a conversational manner.

Customizable design, image and content

The web Chatbot platform is highly customizable, allowing you to create a chatbot that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and voice. In other words, you can select or design the “face” of your website. Choose from a range of pre-built templates or create a custom design that matches your website's look and feel. Plus, you get to update the “knowledge” that your chatbot has, so that it can answer as many inquiries your stakeholders have as possible.

Multi-language support

ARS has the ability to program its web chatbot to communicate in multiple languages, helping you to serve global customers, or easily address bilingual website visitors. More than 20 languages are supported, including Spanish, French, Mandarin and more. That list of available languages continues to grow.

They become “smarter”

As with most technologies in this space, the artificial intelligence technology used to create the web chatbot continuously improves, meaning clients will see a more robust tool as time progresses. Specifically, the web chatbot learns and adapts to user behavior, providing smarter, more accurate and more helpful responses over time.

24/7 service

Unlike members of your team, the web chatbot never needs to sleep. Queries can therefore be answered any time – day or night, adding a layer of convenience for your constituents and website visitors.

Finally, you can track all web chatbot interactions while gaining access to data to gauge the impact it is having on website visitors. Contact ARS today for a free demo and learn more about how this “smart” tool can help streamline the information that you offer to your constituents!


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